Image Contributor:  Songquan Deng

Image Contributor: Songquan Deng

What better way to announce Bigstock's new address than to show photos of it? Yup, we moved uptown and into The Empire State Building. It's an amazing space, and we're truly excited to be working in such an iconic building. (More on that later.)

To help celebrate our new locale, here are eleven of our most-favorite photos of our humble abode. Each one is royalty-free, ready for downloading, and basically amazing. Enjoy.

 Image Contributor:  Swartz Photography

Image Contributor: Swartz Photography

 Image Contributor:  Olly2

Image Contributor: Olly2

 Image Contributor:  SOMATUSCANI

Image Contributor: SOMATUSCANI

 Image Contributor:  Roman Slavik

Image Contributor: Roman Slavik

 Image Contributor:  Gary718 

Image Contributor: Gary718 

 Image Contributor:  Ashkrish  

Image Contributor: Ashkrish 

 Image Contributor:

Image Contributor:

 Image Contributor:  Goldenwheels

Image Contributor: Goldenwheels

 Image Contributor:  Zigi

Image Contributor: Zigi

 Image Contributor:  nprause

Image Contributor: nprause

The big move included our parent company, Shutterstock. You can read all about the relocation adventures on the Shutterstock blog. And, for more royalty-free images of the Empire State Building, be sure to check out our lightbox below. Have a great day.

AuthorBrian Masefield