We’re obviously fascinated by the differences that exist between our quirky American vocabulary and that of other lands, if you recall a certain 20 British Words post of ours. There’s something hilariously amazing about two words that sound the same, but mean very different things.

So we did it again. Here are 20 words that have pretty different meanings in Australia than they do in the U.S. Made with royalty-free images from Bigstock, of course.

1. Barbie

2. Bathers

3. Billy

4. Blue

5. Cactus

6. Chewie

7. Doodle

8. Hottie

9. Knock

10. Lair

11. Mate

12. Oldies

13. Oz

14. Rage

15. Root

16. Scratchy

17. Strides

18. Stuffed

19. Tea

20. Thongs

Good onya, mate! You finished the whole thing. 




AuthorAshley Hefnawy
CategoriesFun Friday