Just when you thought you didn't have any real plans this weekend. Next Tuesday, January 27th, marks that time-honored tradition known all around the world as Chocolate Cake Day. A holiday most likely created by carb-crazed legislators, Chocolate Cake Day either celebrates the first chocolate cake (created in 1764), or the invention of the cake-mix-in-a-box version (created in 1935) - we're not sure which. Regardless, it's a holiday, and we must do our due diligence and honor it.

So, scratch those brunch plans and your friend Naomi's game night. You have some baking to do! And, for some inspiration, we've compiled an oven's worth of frosting-hugged, royalty-free stock photos of chocolate cake. Enjoy.


For twenty more calorific cake photos, check out our royalty-free collection below. Happy baking. 

AuthorBrian Masefield