As part of a creative team, I can tell you that every element of our day affects the final products we create. From the organization of our desks (or lack thereof), to the food we eat, it all plays into our individual end results. This includes the music we listen to. Some people prefer wordless or ambient tunes, while others prefer a more intense or varied sound. 

So, we asked some of the team to answer this question: What songs inspire you to create? Scroll through their answers for some sonic inspiration. And, give 'em a test for yourself the next time you're browsing our royalty-free images, or anytime you're at work on your next creative endeavor. Happy listening.

1. Neu! - Hallogallo

Dan Reiss, Head of Content Marketing

"This is classic German Motorik. It feels like I'm setting out on a road trip or journey, which is a good headspace to be in when I start a project."


2. Silver Mount Zion - God Bless Our Dead Marines 

Lindsay Comstock, Staff Writer and Curator

"I like really anything Efrim Menuck (including Godspeed You! Black Emperor) when I'm writing or working on photos. This song in particular has a motivational marching rhythm but is the perfect mix of disjointed and abstract and dark and politically-charged to get the creative juices flowing."


3. Vitamin String Quartet - Mad World

Sarah Maloy, Content Marketing Manager

"Most anything by Vitamin String Quartet [works for me] because it's familiar enough music that it doesn't distract me, but it's also more instrumental and soothing."


4. The Beatles - I Am The Walrus

Doug Levy, Managing Blog Editor

"John Lennon is indisputably one of the preeminent geniuses of the last century, but rarely did he let his inner freeform poet loose as freely with the Beatles as he did here. If trying to decipher these lyrics doesn't put you in a more creative mindset, nothing will."


5. Yann Tiersen - Comptine d'un autre été : L'Après-Midi  

Rob Checkal, Social Media Manager

"This short, but poignant composition takes me on an inspiring journey to heaven and back. The calming, crisp piano intro relaxes me instantly. As the song progresses, so too, does the intricacy of it. That intricacy plays into my mind's eye in a way that no other song can." 


6. Nils Frahm - Says

Ashley Hefnawy, Associate Blog Editor

"Anything ambient, spacey, layered and evolving from a mellow build-up puts me in the perfect mindset to create. Nils Frahm has a way of doing exactly that by simultaneously engaging my mind and settling me into calmness."


7. Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlanticism 

Brian Masefield, Copy Manager

"It's eight minutes of mood, metaphor and melodrama. There's very few lyrics, but a whole lot of melancholy. It's great to have a consistent vibe in a song to get lost in - even a sad vibe - without a distracting amount of chorus and vocals. Yet, it's still pop, still accessible. And I love me some non-distracting, easily-accessible poetic pop."

What are some songs that inspire you to create? Let us know in the comments!



AuthorAshley Hefnawy