Bigstock has some big news for contributors. We’re now accepting 3D renderings of interiors. By interiors, we mean anything that depicts the interior of a building, including renderings of rooms inside homes, hotels, and transportation hubs.

Here's how to submit 3D interiors to Bigstock:

1. Please ensure that the software program you use to create your 3D interiors gives you the right to license content you create on the software through Bigstock.

2. When you submit your 3D interior rendering, you must indicate that the image is a 3D rendering in the description. You must also mark the category as "Art/Illustration” and subcategory as "3D" during the submission process. Please do not include the name of the software program in the title.

3. A property release must be submitted with each 3D interior rendering. The information required on the release is:

  • Your name, on the left side of the release.
  • The name of the software program used, on the right side of the release (where it asks for “Description of Property”).
  • The name of the specific license (also under “Description of Property”).
  • You do not need to include/have a witness.

If the software program you use does not have multiple licenses, you may indicate this on the property release.

4. As always, please only use elements to which you own the copyright, or that you have the right to use, in content you license through Bigstock. Therefore, you should not submit the following:

  • Templates of interiors available through software programs. Your submissions should be unique and original, and use of template elements should be limited.
  • Interior renderings of existing properties or interiors.
  • Unique and/or isolated furniture. If there is furniture in your 3D interior rendering, it must be generic. Additionally, it should not be the focal point of the 3D interior rendering, or isolated in the rendering.

Artwork that you wish to include in 3D interior renderings must be accompanied by a property release indicating that you are the copyright owner of the artwork. If you did not create the artwork, you may not submit it. Content from “free” image websites or other “free” resources should not be included in your submissions.

Thank you. If you have any questions, please email

AuthorBrian Masefield