Have you ever asked yourself what penguins do all day? No? Well, they really seem to live the most adorable lives ever. They wake up, greet the sunrise, eat, laugh, play, and socialize with their friends. They're just about the cutest animals we rarely get to interact with.

In celebration of Penguin Awareness Day (January 20th), we've put together some fun facts, and a very cool collection of royalty-free penguin photos. Each one is available for downloading. Enjoy.

Male penguins that are fatter are actually more desirable as a mate, given that their excess skin can serve as an "egg warmer" while their females go hunting, often for months at a time.


Penguins don't stay warm from blubber like some sea mammals. Instead, their feathers create a layer of warm air that provides insulation.


Though it may appear that a penguin's wings are for flying, they're actually for swimming. They are one of about 40 species of birds who do not fly. 


No penguins live in the north pole. (Who knew?) They only live in the Southern Hemisphere.


Penguins are hotties. Their normal body temperature is around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 


These guys can swim underwater for 10-15 minutes before catching a breath, and they can swim up to 5-6 miles per hour, too. And, nope, they don't actually breathe underwater.


Penguins typically travel at a mellow pace though, only around 2 mph. 


Penguins roll deep. Especially deep, with nesting colonies of up to 10,000. 


Penguins can grow to be quite large, especially Emperor Penguins. They can stand to be as tall as 4 feet, and up to 100 pounds in weight. 


Final Fun Fact: Their eyes tend to work better underwater than on land. Fascinating stuff.

Check out more royalty-free photos in our curated Penguin lightbox, below. Happy downloading. 

AuthorAshley Hefnawy