When you think about it, the hipster dad, as a concept, makes a lot of sense. The relaxed plaid shirt provides camouflage for baby stains of all sorts. The beard saves oodles of face-shaving time, time that can be better spent changing diapers and helping the kiddos with homework. Here at Bigstock, we felt it was high time hipster dads get a Father's Day shout out.

Please Note: Father's Day is this Sunday. To celebrate, we compiled these inspired royalty-free Father's Day illustrations for DIY cards for your hipster dad. Each one is available for downloading. Happy Father's Day!

 Father's Day beard illustration from  _Lonely_

Father's Day beard illustration from _Lonely_

 Father's Day hat by  TeddyandMia .

Father's Day hat by TeddyandMia.

 Father's Day tie by  Betelgejze .

Father's Day tie by Betelgejze.

 Father's Day bear illustration by  Ovocheva .

Father's Day bear illustration by Ovocheva.

 Father with summer symbols illustration by  Molesko Studio .

Father with summer symbols illustration by Molesko Studio.

 Hipster owl illustration by  AcaG .

Hipster owl illustration by AcaG.

For even more fatherly fun, check out other related images in our Hipster Dad lightbox (below), filled with even more royalty-free photos and illustrations. Happy downloading.

AuthorBrian Masefield