Give the English language some credit. It has the uncanny ability to be waaaaay more complicated than necessary. For instance, we still don't have a singular word for a slice of bread. Ridiculous. Not to worry though, because the French have it covered, using short words and phrases to describe very complex - and super specific - things.

Yes, we've had some fun with British words, Australian words, and German words. So, it's time to check out these seven French words that have no English equivalent. This oh-so helpful visual guide is comprised of royalty-free images from our very own collection. Enjoy.

1. Dépaysement: The disoriented, homesick-like feeling of not being in one's home country.


2. La douleur exquise: The emotional, isolating feeling of a love that is not being reciprocated.


3. Esprit d'escalier: When you think of a comeback a bit too late. (Literal translation is "staircase wit.")


4. Sortable: An adjective for the kind of person you can take anywhere, and not fear embarrassment. 


5. Flâneur: A purposefully aimless pedestrian, unbothered by any obligation, thriving on the culture of whatever city he/she is in.


6. Rire dans sa barbe: To laugh in your beard quietly while thinking about a funny moment from the past.


7. Seigneur-Terraces: One who sits in a coffee shop for a long period of time but spends very little money.

Hope you liked this Franco-Bigstock lesson in language. For more international fun, check out our related posts below.


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