We all know that even a beautiful photo can sometimes be just a little too soft. You might be going for a richer, sharper look than what your photo is giving you. This super-quick Photoshop tutorial will help you easily sharpen up any photo. Let's take a look at this beautiful royalty-free Bigstock photo of a woman in nature with her dog. It has a nice, natural foggy look to it, but I'd like to sharpen it up. Let's go!

1. Open the photo in Photoshop


2. Copy the background layer. You can do this quickly by hitting Command-J (control-J on a PC).


3. Set the blending mode to Overlay. With the new layer selected, use the layer palette's pull down menu and select Overlay (by default it will be set to Normal). 


4. Add a High Pass Filter. With the new layer selected, go to Filter>Other>High Pass. Use the sliding tab to adjust to your preference.


Ta Da! Look at that sharp photo!  


Here are a couple of other examples of how of photos look before and after the High Pass Filter treatment:

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