In an age where social media rules just about everything around us, it's easy to get tripped up on technicalities. Take images, for example. You not only need to pick great ones for your social media posts, but you also have to ensure each image is suited for the network you're working with. And, to make matters more complicated, these size specifications aren't the same from channel to channel.

It's true. From Facebook to Tumblr, each platform has its own set of image rules, and this social media struggle can sometimes (if not always) be very very real. This is why we compiled all of the sizes you need into one comprehensive and alphabetical list. Whether you're using photos and images on your personal page or your brand's community feed, save yourself some time with this handy guide below. Post away!

 Facebook thumbs up |  L_amica

Facebook thumbs up | L_amica


Profile image: 180x180 pixels

For feeds: 1200x627 pixels

Cover image: 851x315 pixels

 Google Plus screen |  Denys Prykhodov

Google Plus screen | Denys Prykhodov


Profile image: 250x250 pixels

Cover image: 1068x608 pixels

Shared image: 497x373 pixels

 Instagram theme |  Liubou

Instagram theme | Liubou


Profile image: 110x110 pixels

Image size: 640x640 pixels

 LinkedIn logo |  rvlsoft

LinkedIn logo | rvlsoft


Profile image: 500x500 pixels

Background image: 1400x425

Brand page banner: 646x220 pixels (minimum)

Standard logo: 100x60 pixels (for businesses)

Square logo: 50x50 pixels

 Pinterest logo on board |  rvlsoft

Pinterest logo on board | rvlsoft


Profile image: 165x165 pixels

Pinned images: 236 pixels (wide, height is scaled)

Board images:

  • 222x150 pixels (larger thumbnails)
  • 55x55 (smaller thumbnails)
 Tumblr page |  mady70

Tumblr page | mady70


Profile image: 128x128 pixels

Sharing images/posts: 500x750 pixels

 Twitter-ish bird |  oculo

Twitter-ish bird | oculo


Profile image: 400x400 pixels

For feeds: 1024x512 pixels (maximum)

Header image: 1500x500 pixels







Hope you enjoyed this cheat sheet. And, if you need any royalty-free stock images for your social media posts, like the ones used above and in the lightbox below, why not try Bigstock? We're currently offering a 7-day Free Trial of our most popular subscription. Happy downloading.


AuthorAshley Hefnawy