Ever notice that when most people go hiking, they're always looking down? Hiking is an amazing pastime, but we're often so concerned about tripping over a branch, slipping in a puddle, or stepping on an woodland animal, that we forget the best part of the trip - the view. So, in honor of National Take a Hike Day, we trudged through our collection of royalty-free images for some of the coolest hiking spots across the U.S.

Each image used in this post is royalty-free and available for downloading.

  lorcel  | Zion National Park

lorcel | Zion National Park

  SeanPavonePhoto  | Smoky Mountains National Forest

SeanPavonePhoto | Smoky Mountains National Forest

  beboy  | Mount Hood from Trillium Lake

beboy | Mount Hood from Trillium Lake

  duallogic  | Redwood Forest

duallogic | Redwood Forest

  Jon Bilous  | Old Rag Mountain

Jon Bilous | Old Rag Mountain

  LoonChild  | Yosemite Valley

LoonChild | Yosemite Valley

Ready for more? Here's our official "Take A Hike" lightbox, curated with stunning royalty-free images. Happy downloading.

AuthorAshley Hefnawy