Bacteria can be beautiful, and we have ten images to prove it. Yes, bacteria's been getting a bad rap lately, eating some flesh here and there, but we should all remember that bacteria comes in all shapes and sizes, and have different objectives. Some can even be considered good bacteria, and can be used to treat conditions like colitis and IBS. The thought of a blogpost about bacteria had been ... umm ... growing on us, but we wanted to focus on the positive. So, just for a moment, let's disregard what the bacteria in the following images actually do, and embrace - The Ten Most Beautiful Bacteria Images You've Ever Seen.

Which one's your favorite?

#9. Isolated Meningococcus

#8.  Pollen

#7.  Unidentified Blue Bacteria

#6. Illustration of Bacterial Texture

#5.  Staphylococcus Bacteria

#4.  Fuzzy Mold

#3. Isolated Staphylococcus Bacteria

#2. Illustration of Bacterial Growth on Diseased Cellular Material

and the #1 Most Beautiful Image of Bacteria ...

So, did we get it right? Which one made you feel all warm and fuzzy? (Be sure to visit our collection of bacteria images for even more.)



AuthorBrian Masefield