Stock Photo of a Horse Lying on its Back

Cowboy monkeys, drunken polar bears and cows-stuck-on-fences are only a few of the hilarious gems you’ll find in this collection. These ridiculous stock photos are great for greeting cards, viral blogs or just a break from the daily grind. Check them out and spread ’em around the office! Want more? Here’s a lightbox of over 60 more images to incite hilarity!

Photo ©Alexia Khruscheva

Stock Photo of Chinese Crested Dog Smelling A Bone

Photo ©

Stock Photo of a Cowboy Chimp

Photo ©brookhouse

Stock Photo of a Cow Stuck on a Fence

Photo ©george green

Stock Photo of a Kangaroo Relaxing Like a Human

Photo ©Smileus

Stock Photo of a Gorilla Picking Its Nose

Photo ©JSHolman

Stock Photo of a Drunken Polar Bear

Photo ©digitalphotonut

Stock Photo of a Dog Ready for a Long Day at the Office

Photo ©graphicphoto

Stock Photo of a Walrus Playing a Saxaphone

Photo ©Alperium

Stock Photo of two chihuahuas riding in a scooter

Photo ©graphicphoto

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